What we are looking for

We’ve got our eye out for a developer who is eager to solve problems, collaborate with team members, and work in a devops-supported, continuous deployment environment.

We are looking for candidates who have a deep knowledge of multiple programming languages. We know you’ve probably worked in languages such as C, Java, PHP. We’re with you! The team has programmed in all those languages & more, and has moved on to the three languages we all love to program in: go lang, python and javascript/react. We want to talk to you if you’re ready and curious to use one of those languages, and bring your prior language experience with you. We want to put your skills to use on a modern microservice stack which supports multiple apps and data systems handling over $150mm in transactions. You’d also want to show off additional knowledge in Mapbox GL JS, JavaScript, Node, React, SQL, Linux, MacOSX, and AWS.

Billups’ UX, product and technology teams are highly skilled and collaborative, working to deliver innovative solutions to our business teams. Our teams work to build new services & features in modern apps using experience gained from previously developed legacy apps. The technical stack is best of breed and a joy for developers to work in. We practice collaboration, UX prototyping, test-driven CI, and pull request code reviews (ticket tracking, acceptance testing, etc.) to produce high-quality code and continue to learn and improve the system. If you want to solve challenging problems and learn from experienced developers on modern systems, this may be the perfect fit for you!


  • Contribute ideas, research, and knowledge to the team to increase skills for self and the team at large
  • Develop programmatic solutions to business problems and ability to automate business processes
  • Take ownership of functionality from development through deployment
  • Be ready to learn new languages, tools, and systems quickly, and be able to communicate challenges and ask for help regularly
  • Deploy quality code, write tests, and learn from mistakes to build a better system and improve your skills
  • Actively participate or lead team meetings, mentor junior staff
  • Work with Product Owners, Business Analysts and other Developers to estimate, size, and scope work


  • 3+ years experience in PHP/Java/C, Golang application development or a bachelor’s degree in computer science, math, related STEM fields
  • 5+ years working in a team environment as a programmer
  • Ability to learn and understand the media buying process and business goals in order to develop intelligent solutions for users and clients
  • Experience using distributed code repositories (git, Mercurial) in a team environment or a large open source project
  • Prior experience supporting multiple browsers, operating systems and devices
  • Prior development on a RESTful system (preferred)
  • Prior experience with Mapbox GL JS and ESRI (preferred)
  • Prior experience with AWS (preferred)
  • Ability to lift 800-pounds and jump rivers full of alligators, or have done so in that one game


  • An effective communicator
  • Self-motivated, hard-working individual
  • Attention to detail with a focus on quality of results
  • Ability to prioritize in a fast-paced, dynamic work environment
  • Sense of humor
  • Troubleshooter and detective extraordinaire in the coding world
  • Ability to work with people who are passionate about OOH
  • Computers “just work” when you are around


billups is an EEO employer.  For more information about us please visit

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